Based in Keighley and a short walk from Keighley railway station, Keighley Bus Museum is housed in the former ex-foundry building off Dalton Lane at Riverside estate.

It houses a superb collection of buses of all ages from 1924 to 2000, many from local bus companies in West Yorkshire and some from further away. Also there are emergency vehicles from the Police and Fire service on view, together with other transport related vehicles many of which are on the button ready to go. There is also a variety of trolleybuses, including WT 7101 the 1924 Keighley Corporation Straker Clough trolleybus which is currently undergoing restoration.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by letter, phone use the contact information below, or send a message using the form. We may also provide accommodation for your treasured vehicle, please get in touch for details/inquiries.

Can we remind members/friends and any enquiries from the public that we are an unpaid Charitable organisation, and therefore not always able to reply to telephone calls as many of the Board members are otherwise employed. If you have not received a reply please try to communicate via text or email.

Thank you.

Unfortunately,the Museum is now only officially open on specified event dates (see events page) or by appointment for viewing.

Tel 07465 897497

More details on here and our facebook site soon.

Buses and so much more!

Just a glimpse of some of the many vehicles on show at the Museum

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Have a great day out in Yorkshire.

Hello and welcome to friends and members of KBMT. During 2022 there are a variety of “anniversary” events taking place of which we are proud to be associated. Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June will see the Museum involved in the Keighley Festival of Transport, (opening times 10am to 4pm with free admission for the event). The Museum can also be reached via the Keighley Bus Company free bus service operating over the two day event (request Dalton Mills stop) and is a short walk down the Riverside estate.

August 7th (Sunday 10am to 4pm). Formed (officially as Keighley Bus Museum Trust) in 1992, the year also sees the Museum’s 30th anniversary, and the August event will center around the Museum, Trust, its vehicles and all associated with it. Why not join in our celebrations? November Sunday 6th (12noon to 6pm). Finally, our usual “Twilight” event will again take place focusing on Leeds City Transport.

Keighley Festival of Transport “in motion” Bus Museum open 10am to 4pm.

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